DELTA RL3-T1-1300-6kg

Article number: A_00051-T1

Delivery time: 12-14 weeks after order confirmation (For larger quantities please contact us. The delivery time specification also applies to spare parts.)

This type of robot is based on the principle of parallel kinematics.
All drives are mounted in a fixed position on the robot head. Motor cables are not moved. The robot has three (3) translational degrees of freedom.

Scope of delivery
  • Robot mechanics incl. gearbox
  • Servo motor adapter
  • Threaded protection caps
  • Transport and packing instructions

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Field of application: Standard (not hygienic)
Kinematics: Parallel
Translatory Degrees of Freedom (X,Y,Z): 3
Rotational Degrees of Freedom (α,ß,γ): 0
Nominal payload [kg|lbs]: 6 | 13.2
Working area-diameter [mm|in]: 1300 | 51.2
Working height outside [mm|in]: 250 | 9.8
Working height center [mm|in]: 444 | 17.5
Output type of the tool actuation: Flange (T)
Number of the tool actuation (telescopic shaft(s)): 1
Max. acceleration torque of the tool actuation T/TS1 at the output [Nm|in.lbs]: 40 | 354.0
Nominal torque of the tool actuation T/TS1 at the output [Nm|in.lbs]: 33 | 292.1
Max. speed of the tool actuation T/TS1 at the output [1/min]: 225
Nominal speed of the tool actuation T/TS1 at the output [1/min]: 150
Bearing type of the telescopic shaft(s): Roller bearing
Bearing type of the arm joints: Roller bearing
Lubricants of the bearings: Synthetic
Lubricants of the gearboxes: Synthetic
Cleaning: No high pressure
Ambient temperature [°C|°F]: 0 to +40 | +32 to +104
Relative humidity level [%]: 95 (free of condensation)
Mounting position: Floor, Ceiling, Wall (on request), Angle (on request)
Robot weight without drive engineering (esp. drive) [kg|lbs]: 42 | 92.6
All given values are nominal values (nominal payload referred to a nominal performance) and can vary under realworld conditions depending on the application (tool specifications, load distances, reduction (partly) of the nominal performance when using food-grade lubricants, ...). Please consider our technical data sheets regarding the load capacity.
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  • Operating manual gearbox type 1 (PDF)
  • Operating manual gearbox type 3 (PDF)
  • Dead weight and moments of inertia (PDF)
  • Transport and packaging (PDF)
  • Installation instruction: Calibration bolts (PDF)
  • Full documentation (ZIP)
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Gearbox article numbers for this robot mechanics
Function Article number Document
Drive of the upper arms MT_BGR00013366-xx Operating manual gearbox type 3 (PDF)
Drive of the telescopic shaft for tool actuation T/TS1 MT_BGR00013360-xx Operating manual gearbox type 1 (PDF)