Customization options *

Our standard robots are delivered in predefined colors, with an autonox Robotics model plate and an autonox Robotics logo. You also have the possibility to define your "Customization options" robot together with us. "Customization options" does not include any fundamental changes to the mechanics in terms of design and/or function.

The following adjustments are possible on request:

  • Change of anodized aluminum colors (limited choice of colors and individual parts)
  • Your company logo on the model plate
  • Your company logo and/or your robot designation as adhesive label on the mechanics
  • Provision of a neutral 3D model without a logo
  • Adaptation of the documentation**, especially the spare parts list (assembly definitions, number ranges ...)
  • Your own article numbers on the spare part assemblies

* Prerequisite: Series applications

** All customized documents are located in your password-protected area of the Finder.

Your color(s)

Your model plate

Your company logo / Your robot description